Friday, 31 March 2017


Someone has truly said that the student life is the golden period of life. During this period, we are free from responsibilities and we have a mind, which like soft clay, can be easily moulded. The students of today are the future of the tomorrow. Therefore, in order to have a brighter future, good training in the student life is of utmost importance.

But, nevertheless, the pleasure of student life is par-excellence. It is during this period when they, under the luminous guidance of teachers, develop physical, mental and social knowledge. It is during this period that they gain ideas and develop their character and give a new shape to their personality. They develop qualities like punctuality, diligence, regularity and good manners. School life also teaches them perseverance, which is the key to success in their lives. They learn and understand the value of time. Games and physical exercise help to foster in them the spirit of sportsmanship and teamwork. In this way, all round development of one’s character takes place in this stage of life.

No doubt, pleasures of student life are manifold, but it is fruitful only when one is devoted to studies and listens to his parents and teachers. To students school is like a temple and teachers are like gods from whom they receive the valuable gift of knowledge which guides them throughout their lives.

Mr Dinesh
The Mann School

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Students’ - Teachers relationship in a boarding school

A boarding school is an intensive form of education, in which students live at school, and visit their families only for weekends and vacations. Unlike day schools, boarding schools are dependent on two inputs working simultaneously, i.e., home and school environment. Students spend only six to eight hours in the classrooms, but the remaining hours are spent in the strict vigil of the teachers. Thus, a strong relationship between a teacher and a student is well needed to generate a better learning outcome for the students.

Although a close relationship between students and teachers may seem like luxury, but teaching simply cannot happen without teachers entering into relation with their students. Moreover, the success of the teacher in facilitating learning directly relates to the quality of that relationship.

Teachers and the students, together in a boarding school, make it a family. Students are bonded in such a relationship with their teachers that they are likely to readily accept the reactions like they usually get from their parents. They begin to believe that the teachers would never disappoint them. They consider them as their friend’s with whom they feel free to share everything irrespective of the reason whether they teach them or not.

The school plays the most significant role in maintaining this bond. It creates an atmosphere that makes forming such relationships effortless.

Teachers at a boarding school involve themselves in co-curricular activities, which strengthens the relationships between teachers and students and this helps the students to make substantial academic progress.

Ms Kamalpreet Kaur
The Mann School

Thursday, 23 March 2017

The Mann School Brief

The Mann School is a premium boarding school (Boys & Girls) in Delhi with national & international students community. The school was established in 1989, with the objective of bringing world-class education to its students making them into a bright, intelligent and physically sound gentlemen & ladies.

The School is member of the elite body of boarding schools in India - Indian Public Schools’ Conference (IPSC) estd.1939 & National Progressive Schools Conference (NPSC). Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) it is certified ISO-9001:2008 and ISO-14001:2004 school.

MS is also an authorized centre for University of Cambridge, ESOL Examinations and an awardee of the International Schools Award (ISA) by the British Council.

Member of Pracheen Kala Kendra (Chandigarh) & Equestrian Federation of India (EFI).

MS is awarded with "Standalone School of the Year" award by the Indian Education Awards 2016.

From a sprawling estate of 20 acres pollution free green campus to spacious E-classrooms to specialized labs for different subjects of science, computer science, linguistic, & languages, modernistic Library, Wi-Fi Campus, up-to-the-minute School ERP system, in-house developed Science Park and comfortable air conditioned hostels for both boys and girls, MS has it all. Open Air Theatre, mini auditorium, one of the largest playgrounds for outdoor games & sports like athletics, swimming, football, basketball, tennis, cricket, etc. The school has state-of-the-art floodlit synthetic tennis and basketball courts and skating rink. For all round physical fitness there is an obstacle course and a gymnasium. The school takes pride in having one of the finest & biggest horse riding facilities amongst schools in India.

The School also offers its students a range of extra-curricular activities to choose from. From adventure sports to music, billiards to mini golf and from gymnastics to yoga, clubs & hobbies of celestial club, eco club, culinary arts, robotics & gaming, photography, classical dances, arts & crafts, personality development programmes, tours & treks, etc., students are given ample opportunities to indulge their creative energies. The school maintains one of the finest orchestra and musical bands for boys & girls. To develop character, comradeship, discipline, secular outlook, spirit of adventure and the ideals of selfless service amongst the students the school has Army and Air force wings of N.C.C.

MS has state-of-the-art dining facility catering to Indian, Chinese & Continental cuisines. Provides RO drinking water and maintains a 10 bedded Infirmary with Doctor and nursing staff 24x7. 

A full time counsellor is available on campus for the students and parents. The School has round the clock security & is under CCTV camera surveillance.

One can have a look at school’s website, for a virtual tour of The Mann School.

Saturday, 18 March 2017


There are two everlasting bequests, we as torchbearers, playing the role of a teacher or a parent can give to our children. They are strengthening roots and spreading wings.” When I talk of the roots, I actually think and believe in giving our children more than the surviving skills. I mean providing them a deep and strong foundation of security and stability to excel in various spheres of life ahead.  While the depth would decide their stability in life, the height to which they can soar in this limitless sky, depends significantly on their wings; wings connoting here the appreciation, laughter,  freedom and their ignited creative minds.
As a tree with strong deep roots laughs at storms, similarly when a child nurtured with the sense of self and with a strong value system, his roots will also go deep down and firmly entwine with his traditions and culture, making him face any challenge and hardship in life with a smile on his face and courage in his deeds.
It is well said that we must give our loved ones wings to fly and the roots to come back. Here wings intercede for the recognition of the need for autonomy. The gift of wings to a child can be given by giving them opportunities to become capable and feel valued. It can also be rendered to them by alluring them liberty to take decisions for their life. But, liberty and freedom is not just about being able to do what they want when they want, it is also about being able to think, act and feel without being plagued by negative self-talk, doubts and uncertainty.
As wings give the children a vision to their aim in life, roots remind them to be grounded. Being a teacher our role is limitless. We are an incomparable support to the children in making them acquainted to their potential, by inculcating in them the sense of being committed, loyal, honest, dedicated, generous, kind and humble and above all,  a human. We are those radars which can track and surveil their fly time to time. We are the guiding force who should not only bless them with the wings, but also usher them into the direction as well.
We as teachers, must understand that our role is paramount. We are the professional gatekeepers and we have to face challenges immensely. We must test the students not only on the parameters of technology but also on the effective value system so that they can wisely comprehend difference between the terms ‘not to be used and ‘to be utilised’ in respect of advancement in science and technology.
We must make our children competent enough so that they can analyse and introspect themselves critically and can choose the best for themselves, thereby living up to their potential in numerous capacities and not being misguided. We should not forget that by making their roots deep strong and by allowing them to spread their wings, we are actually preparing them for the roads they have to step on in future.
For this, we must remember that we need to interact with them time to time, because every interaction with them provides an opportunity to strengthen our bond with them ,making their roots strong and their wings widespread.

Ms Kamini S Haldhar
The Mann School