Thursday, 16 March 2017


Communication skills are crucial for the successful career of a student or an individual. Today in the competitive world, an educated person without good communication skill is considered uncivilized.

  • For want of good communication no one is able to explain his ideas or the subjects though he may have good knowledge.
  • Good communication always helps in overcoming the problems at all level in the life.
  • Communication skills are not possible without doing good practice in reading, listening and speaking. The best endeavour in this area is CAMBRIDGE CLASSES in The Mann School for enhancing communication skills.
  • Students here are motivated to develop reading habits through books, newspapers and magazines to improve knowledge and communication effectively.
  • Effective communication not only leaves a good impression on others, it also enhances one’s success, understanding, trust, respect and teamwork.
  • Communication skills enhance confidence in decision making and professional relationships.
  • Students improve themselves through role play, group discussions and other group activities. Good conversation among students helps to develop respect for each other.
  • Man craves to create a good impression upon others and one’s art of skilful communication that can greatly help to convey his ideas, feelings and intentions to people.  
           Mrs Sarita Mishra
           The Mann School

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  1. Communication...the need of the hour, we must polish it,,,nice Ms. Sarita Mishra..