Thursday, 3 August 2017


Once I was looking back through my window aside,

It sailed me to a place, where I always desired to go and fly.

But there were some distressing hurdles which appeared in front of my eyes,

So, I thought not to give up and always try, try and try.

Eyeing at the trees I heard the birds crying,

The intention behind was their stucking life.

The tweeting have wiped out for a long time,

So that gave me a situation to help them or leave them behind.

Going bottomless, I saw the lake magnificent bright,

So I thought being a fish, which will give me bliss in life.

But swiftly I saw a creep running behind,

So I supposed, how could the fish be alive?

The hurdles which were upsetting my life,

I thought to give up or die. 

But seeing the birds and fish made me realize,

To shut the window and start a fresh life.

Divyansh Tiwari 
Vyas House

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  1. VERY NICE DIVYANSH TIWARI-Praveen Kr Sharma old(Dayanand house vice captain