Thursday, 12 September 2019

There goes a good proverb—” All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy“.

Games and sports are not only important for success in studio but it is important for success in every walks of our life. Games and sports include all outdoor and indoor games and also athletics. In ancient Greece, they formed the principal part of education. In the advanced countries of the present-day also they are a regular feature of the school and college curriculum.

Games and sports may be of various kinds. Apart from school or college sports, boys and girls may practice races, jumps, discuss throw and javelin throw and thus pass their afternoon in useful activities. They may play various games like football, cricket, hockey, volleyball, basketball, badminton etc.

School and College Games and sports are annual affairs. Sports are generally held in winter months. Students take part in various games like high and long jumps, pole vault, go-as-you like and different kind of races. These annual sports foster a competitive spirit and sportsmanship. It is an important part of a student’s life.

Sometimes inter class tournaments are held in relation to football, hockey, cricket, tennis, cycling, volleyball, badminton, etc. These games foster team spirit among the participants and make them disciplined.

The importance of games and sports can never be minimized.

First of all, they are good exercises and help to build fine, physique for the boys and girls. They make them mentally alert and physically strong. Further, good health is one of the most important benefits of games and sports.

Secondly, students learn to cope with difficult situations. By displaying their feats before many spectators, they can overcome their nervousness.

Thirdly, games and sports are good diversions and give them energy to learn their lessons well.

Fourthly, it gives the necessary break from the everyday monotonous life.
Fifthly, games and sports help to build a sense of cooperation and team-spirit in an individual. Sports like cricket, football, etc. are won by the collective efforts of all the members of the team.

For these reasons, every civilized nation values the importance of games and sports and spends a large sum of money on improving the standard of games and sports among its players and athletes. The standard of games and sports in India is far from satisfactory. So, the Government should take steps to improve this standard.


Tuesday, 27 August 2019


First Deserve then Desire.
During Coders Factory’s first seminar at Cambridge Institute of Technology, a student asked a professor that “Sir would you give me 100 placement guarantee after the completion of any of the tracks”? She was not wrong in asking this question, students very often ask these types of questions because they always lookout for an easy way to settle up the things. But Alas! There has never been an easy way to get good things in life. Even the guy who has below-par scores believes truly that on any luck day of his own, he would get placed somewhere. That’s a very positive attitude indeed, but until and unless if this attitude is not supported by equally strong aptitude or skill, the outcome will be nil. We all have hope and belief to get good things in our career, but these things ought to be backed up by the strong will to succeed, strong knowledge base and strong skill sets, then only the destination will come closer to us otherwise it would keep drifting away. Before asking the question to our college or to anybody else that where will we get placed, it should be asked by each and every one of us that, what efforts have we put in and are we really prepared to deserve a placement call? So, make a list of your weak areas, Plan your study, Plan your training schedule, Rely less on books and more on laptops, Polish your skills, Blame the people and world around you less and introspect more. Instead of asking for hundred placement guarantee directly first prepare yourself, get yourself trained, acquire skill and then ask for the right opportunities. Remember, teachers can give you the platform to launch yourself, teachers can take you to the door of success but the key must be with you to unlock it. So First Deserve then Desire.


Saturday, 17 August 2019


Adventure today is way different from before. In the older times, people used to leave their homes and go on amazing trips for adventure. Some would even travel all over the world for adventure. But today adventure is nothing related to real-life but everything is VR (VIRTUAL REALITY), AR (AUGMENTED REALITY) and IR (INTEGRATED REALITY). VR puts you in a completely different world- imaginary world. Similarly, AR is a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. The adventure now is nothing like before. Now it's not physical. one doesn’t even need to go out of their homes. This is my point of view should not be a standard one maintains in name of adventure. Our body needs physical exercise but technology is taking over physical fun.


Dayanand House

Friday, 2 August 2019

Nature love: Brings peace, happiness and comfort.

There is pleasure in the pathless woods, there is rapture in the lonely shore, there is society where none intrudes, by the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not Man the less, but Nature more.

It was raining since evening. Gazing through the window outside I saw tiny droplets on the leaves of giant trees made me to appreciate the beauty of the nature.

Simple as it sounds, connecting with nature can make you feel better. Being in contact with nature, even in small ways (like noticing the spring flowers or putting a plant in your office), can take you a step away from your daily grind, and lead you to feel more positive and calm.
It’s true that most discussion about environment issues tends to center on how helping nature in turn benefits humanity and the earth at large. But nature can benefit the individual’s psyche, too. Some of the documented benefits that can come from human interaction with nature are: reduced stress and anger, better cognitive performance, increased positive affect (including feelings of calm and awe), a sense of connection to something larger than the self, and a more concrete awareness of the life cycle.

Here are some relatively simple ideas:
          Put a plant in your home or office

   Put up nature photos or screen savers that depict nature vistas or water scenes

          Shop at the local farmers market

          Exercise outdoors
          Take leisurely walks in the greener areas of campus

I would like to conclude by suggesting all of you to be in touch of nature in your life and preserve it so that our future generations can also be benefitted by the power of nature.

Mr. Vishwajeet Pandey
     Assistant Teacher 

Wednesday, 24 July 2019


Students must realize their importance in the society .They play an important role in improving and strengthening the society. Men and women therefore of all ages and professions should do their best to serve the society. The main aim of students is to study. Being youthful and energetic, they should engage themselves in various forms of social work in their spare time and in moments of crisis.

1. Students can teach the illiterate to read and write.
2. Students should actively participate in literacy campaigns.
3. Student should encourage people to follow cleanliness. They should also tell people about the benefits of clean social surroundings.
4. Students should tell society about the harmful uses of drugs, tobacco, liquor and the like addictions.
5. During the time of crisis or natural disasters, students should come forward and help the distress people.
6. They should take the responsibility of fighting against anti-social activities of corrupt people.
7. Students can motivate people to donate blood in a blood bank which can go to help the poor and needy.
8. Students should be encouraged to participate in the NCC camps and give training of discipline to young ones.

Students of today are the future of tomorrow. So it is a big responsibility of the society to give them love and encouragement as also to see that their studies should not be hampered. In fact, parents should be role models for their kids, only then they will be able to live up to their expectations for tomorrow.  

Madhu Bala


Monday, 22 July 2019


Time is priceless and precious. Time can be used for various purposes and one of them can be to earn money but on the other hand money can not be used to get our lost time back. This applies that time is more precious than money or any other materialistic thing existing in this world. Another most important trait of time to be kept in mind is that it flows continuously. The phrase ‘Time and tide wait for none’ depicts the nature of time very precisely. It depends on person to make best out of the time he has. Everyone has twenty four hours but it is the utilization of those hours that demarcates successful humans from unsuccessful ones. It is matter of one’s conscious choice to remain active and not let any opportunity slip or to remain lazy and whine about failures as an outcome of irresponsible attitude.


Saturday, 20 July 2019


We all love holidays, as they give more fun and enjoyment to us. Starting from school going kids to working employees everyone likes holidays and keeps waiting for it. No one hates holidays, because they provide us a chance to take rest as well as enjoy a lot with our friends and family. A single holiday has the ability to change our routine and give more relaxation to us. However, it depends on us how we utilise the break.

Holidays are most important part of a student's life that give a student break from the academic stress and enable him to learn new things. There are lot of things to learn in life from the environment

For example, a student can go out visiting relatives and new places from where he/she will be able to learn new life skills and get a chance to be in touch with nature’s beauty. A student can also take membership of some sport activity, importance and impact of sports in our life is not hidden from anyone. A student can also be a part of some camp or adventure activity which helps students to focus on things other than academics.

MOREOVER HOLIDAYS play a role in enlightening student and can also be used to prepare the topics or subjects a child finds difficult in academics.

Holidays give a great relaxation and refreshment to us along with a new energy to do our tasks in the upcoming week. I hope all of us will do our work with full enthusiasm in the week beginning due to the holiday rest.