Friday, 3 March 2017

Discipline ... An integral part of students’ life

“Discipline “ - whenever a student hears this word, he usually thinks about punishment which is the consequence of Indiscipline in behaviour , whereas it’s a reward which keeps us ready to face any difficulty of life. A disciplined person knows the importance of time and tries to fulfill his commitments in time. Students are true followers of a teacher and a teacher is a role model for them. Small initiatives of a teacher can bring drastic changes in the behaviour of a student. Coming in time for the class, following ethical norms and observing dressing etiquettes give an edge to the teachers to be heard well and to be followed. Students, thus, get motivated to follow the rules and regulations which makes their life easy and keeps them away from any messy situations. Disciplined students don’t get distracted and remain busy to do something creative and out of box as they get plenty of time which could otherwise get wasted due to in-disciplinary issues.

Discipline should not be followed just because it’s mandatory, it should be followed because it is an integral part of a useful and successful life. Once teacher is able to pass this message on to the students, students will not take the discipline as a burden and will follow their teachers without any reluctant attitude.  A teacher plays a majestic role to build the future of a nation and, if future is in disciplined hands, it will surely bring prosperity and growth for nation.

Mr. Manish
The Mann School

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  1. Discipline should be conditioned in them...nicely written Mr. Manish...