Friday, 3 March 2017

Effective communication skills

ECS are fundamental to success in many aspects of life. Many jobs require strong communication skills and people with good communication skills usually enjoy better relationships with friends and family.

Effective communication is not merely about exchanging information between you and the other person. It is about making what the person interprets consistent.

Improving your communication skills can make a world of  difference in your relationship with others and help you to achieve your personal goals in life.We are, of course, social beings and improving the way we relate to others can only benefit us.

The goal of effective communication is to create a common perception that is received in a positive manner, so that you can together agree on a further action or decision.

Effective communication skills also increase your self –esteem. It feels great when you are able to deliver your message confidently. Now the question is where can you use effective communication?

Don’t limit your thinking to workplace or school presentation only. Any type of social interaction will benefit from using better communication skills.

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PARCTICE, with your friends and family and other people you   meet. This will help you improve your communication because, like any other skill, you will get better the more you learn about it and like more you use it!

Mrs. Anuradha Malik
The Mann School


  1. Effective...indeed!!!
    Half of the problems get solved with the tool of effective communication...totally agree...

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