Friday, 3 March 2017

Experience is the best mentor

Throughout our life we are guided and inspired by our elders, friends,
Teachers and all well-wishers. We give importance to their suggestions and follow them but it is equally true, that we wholeheartedly follow and apply only those lessons which we have learned with our own experiences.

 Here at MS, such an amazing environment is created that children not only enjoy it,but also get opportunities to fill their minds with experiences which will help them grow in life ahead.

Every year on September 5, i.e., Teacher’s Day, we not only celebrate it with stage shows but also create opportunities for the senior most class 12 to step in to the shoes of their teachers and act as acting teachers and get first hand direct experience of actual teaching learning process in the class room. They interact with their juniors by way of a lesson and come to understand the importance of discipline and active participation of learners in the class room.
Believe me, it changes their approach towards studies very positively and they try to become really sincere towards their academics and teachers.

Mrs. Sangeeta Vashishtha
The Mann School


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  2. I have also seen parents being invited to take classes.on few occasions. This changes the attitudes and perceptions of students and they act in a more disciplined way the next time. Teaching by class 12 students on Teachers' Day, indeed, is a noble idea to let the students realize the hardships and dedication that their teacher go through the whole year...Nice job Mrs Sangeeta Vashishtha...