Friday, 10 March 2017


Motivation is a driving force which leads one to success. It is often easier to get the students to do what we, as teachers, want them to do by rewarding them for their good performance or by telling of a negative consequence. But, it generally works for a shorter term. So, we must create such conditions by which students get motivated themselves, i.e., and develop intrinsic motivation. One way of achieving this is by praising the efforts put in by the students to solve a problem or to do an activity. This will not only energise the student, but also make him feel knowledgeable. We, the teachers, must take a genuine interest in our students. We must learn about their interests, dreams, problems etc. and also tell them about our own. Let the students feel related to us. Strictness cannot build a good rapport with the students. Sometimes smile, a joke or a pat on the student’s shoulder is sufficient enough to instill in him positive energy.

It is really what the teacher is doing or allowing to be done in the classrooms ( behaviour, teaching style, humanity ) which motivates the students.

Mrs Bela Shanker
The Mann School

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