Friday, 3 March 2017


It’s all about being busy these days with all kinds of work. Being a teacher, sometimes handling the child alone is not effective. Better learning can be achieved when we follow Teacher-Parent-Student relationship. Learning will be certainly easier result of this cycle.

Every child is important and all of them have some goodness in them. Healthy interactions between teachers and parents may help a student to understand his weakness better and polish his/her strengths more and more. In our institution we also conduct PTM on every second Saturday of the month and here I want to suggest a few points to make the PTM more successful.

While interacting with students’ parents a teacher should always :

v  smile and greet parents on seeing them; it will be impressive if you address them by their names

v  inform your purpose behind the meeting as every child has something different to be informed about to the parents; Always appreciate and encourage their support

v  always begin with good news about the child as every child has something good about him/her

v  ask healthy questions from the parents and listen to them properly as they too have some aspects about the child to talk about

v  thank the parents for their visit and support

v  share every success of a particular child after PTM by phone calls or messages as a matter of practice.

Mr. Vishwajeet Pandey
The Mann School


  1. ...a child's development and success is a team effort, by teachers and parents, both...nice Mr. Vishwajeet...