Thursday, 30 March 2017

Students’ - Teachers relationship in a boarding school

A boarding school is an intensive form of education, in which students live at school, and visit their families only for weekends and vacations. Unlike day schools, boarding schools are dependent on two inputs working simultaneously, i.e., home and school environment. Students spend only six to eight hours in the classrooms, but the remaining hours are spent in the strict vigil of the teachers. Thus, a strong relationship between a teacher and a student is well needed to generate a better learning outcome for the students.

Although a close relationship between students and teachers may seem like luxury, but teaching simply cannot happen without teachers entering into relation with their students. Moreover, the success of the teacher in facilitating learning directly relates to the quality of that relationship.

Teachers and the students, together in a boarding school, make it a family. Students are bonded in such a relationship with their teachers that they are likely to readily accept the reactions like they usually get from their parents. They begin to believe that the teachers would never disappoint them. They consider them as their friend’s with whom they feel free to share everything irrespective of the reason whether they teach them or not.

The school plays the most significant role in maintaining this bond. It creates an atmosphere that makes forming such relationships effortless.

Teachers at a boarding school involve themselves in co-curricular activities, which strengthens the relationships between teachers and students and this helps the students to make substantial academic progress.

Ms Kamalpreet Kaur
The Mann School

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  1. This bonding between teachers and students in a boarding school prepares children for life.