Wednesday, 15 March 2017

The role and responsibility of students towards society.

A student today will be a citizen tomorrow and hence will have to shoulder a heavy responsibility to lead his or her nation in the right direction. Therefore the schools train the students with a holistic approach, to get better citizens in future; and thus it is the responsibility of students to make full use of education imparted to them. Students must respond to what they are prepared and trained for, i.e., they must demonstrate academic integrity and honesty. A sensible student will become a responsible citizen one day, he or she will need to shoulder the responsibility to handle his or her family, society and nation as a whole. They are expected to end the menaces like child labour, dowry system, pollution, global warming etc., through an integral approach and a cool head on their shoulders. The new generation is expected to be more diligent in all respects. They must know how to make the best use of available resources and how to go for sustainable development without risking the environment and the ecosystem. To conclude, we can say that today’s students are going to be responsible for the betterment of life in the offing since they are a smarter community with a huge and positive generation gap than ever before.

Mr. Dheeraj Kumar
The Mann School

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  1. ,,,and hence our role as teachers becomes most important as to how to imbibe all these required elements in them to make them a responsible citizen...nice write up Mr. Dheeraj..