Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Exhibitions: A Platform to learn

'Exhibition' in schools is a term which is mostly related to student and school. Many schools these days conduct different types of exhibitions related to subjects and non-subjects since it gives the students a chance to apply and learn the practical aspect of the things.

The Mann School also provides its students a platform of exhibitions to showcase and implement the things the students have learned and also to apply their ideas and present things differently in their own unique way. The exhibition includes the models in Science, Art and Craft, Social Science, Mathematics and IT. To make these models, the students use the best of their creativity in the best possible way.

The exhibition held in the Mann School makes the students confident enough to speak about their model. Moreover, a healthy bond is shared between the teachers and the students as both of them spend a long time in discussion and preparation of the projects and they get to know about each other’s qualities, intellectual level and areas of interest. The students are seen extremely delighted and enthusiastic during the preparation as participants are keen to show their content and the non-participants are willing to know about various subjects. Students develop the skills of leadership, and relate how to work in groups through such events by cooperating each other.

Navpreet Kaur
The Mann School

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