Friday, 7 July 2017


Children constitute a nation’s future human resources. It is, therefore, very important that their welfare receives the highest importance in the society.

The development of children should receive crucial attention particularly in Indian scenario as they constitute nearly 34 per cent of the total population. This is the most sensitive and vulnerable period of life. The foundations of their future are laid at this stage. Obviously, the foundation must be stable and strong.

The great Indian economist Amartya Sen reminds us, “ You reap what you sow and you don’t reap what you don’t sow” Now it is the time to sow properly the future of this great Indian nation by investing properly in children.

As far as their development is concerned “ Development refers to a process of change in growth and capabilities over time, as function of both maturation and interaction with the environment”. Thus development of a child includes:-
·        Growth
·        Capability
·        Maturation
·        Interaction with the environment.
Thus, the development of children is a series of orderly progression of change towards maturity. ‘Orderly’ refers to the arrangement of the changes.

Development of the Whole Child

Infact,the goal of child development is to enable him to lead a most satisfying life in the environment in which he lives. A child is believed to be a gift of God. He must be nurtured with care and affection within the family and the society to get the best out of him. As a parent or teacher we should try our best to get this best out of a child and make his process of progress smooth, easy and effective.

Vishwajeet Pandey
The Mann School

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