Wednesday, 12 July 2017

The right place to be in…

What would a sporty child want in a school?

The answer is: a basking pool, sizeable spaces, vociferous, tough tug of wars, extravagant events, marathon maniacs and celebrations of true talents.

What would a studious child want in a school?

The answer is: individual attention, unflinching advice, career counselling, requisite confabulations, privileged classrooms and fervent, missionary, competent teachers!

What would a creative and fun loving child want in a school?

The answer is: beckoning lawns, neighing, quacking denizens, embellished edifices, musical equipments, aesthetic locales and unique artistic inspiration all over!

The Mann School is an ultimate quenching rivulet to the varied thirsts of variegated inquisitive seekers. It takes care of all that a child needs and prepares him/her to face it all like a stalwart. The Mann School is not just a school, it is an experience that is striking and worth happening to oneself.

Ah, how lucky, how fulfilling does one feel being member of such an other-worldly ambience --- I come again and again to wonder over!

Mr. A.C Thakur
The Mann School

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