Friday, 11 August 2017


Expressing your views about a particular topic has always been a hard thing to do. Even if it’s a fundamental right, we always have the lack of complete virtue to express it or to show it to someone as a vision. Then came “The Cinema”, a platform that allows us to express everything or anything wrong that we want to remove from the society.

Cinema had an influence on the society when it was introduced and it still has so, mainly focused on to the young generation and the conditions are currently favorable to the cinematic cause because now that countries have started sharing their culture with the other cultures of the world cinema is the link which helps someone differentiate or find something common in each other’s culture.

Cinema is not always about culture sharing. Nowadays a different cause is also visible in the stream of cinema. It has now stared developing ideas motivating the generation it targets the most, making people believe in themselves by movies like 3 Idiots, and Udaan. Cinema is not only motivating people to believe in themselves but also gives them a look into a different life into a world of a sportsman or an important personality which gives us an example of the struggle that they went through to become what they have become today. Movies like M.S.Dhoni , Sachin, a billion dreams , Bhagh Milkha Bhagh are some excellent examples of this category.

Criticism is what came to cinema after its popularity but one thing that we always forget about cinema is that every coin has 2 sides but cinema was never meant to show the second, the negative one. The criticism that cinema faces is only due to the fact that people are the one who have control of what they want to choose. Some take the positivity as an extract from the movies but there are also some who are at the wrong side of the track.

The only thing that is to be said to them is “you made your decision and now it’s time for the decision to influence you.”

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  1. cinema is yet a powerful tool which can change the face of a society.Its has a same power which pen holds.
    But now a days its just mere a way to entertainment and making huge money from profit.I feel ashamed to be a part of the society in which everything now a days has become a business,Be it a school,college,NGO,Hospitals.
    As far as people are concerned 80% human always choose the other side of coin i.e DARK