Tuesday, 1 August 2017


No significant learning takes place without a successful relationship and there cannot be a better relationship for the learning other than the Student-Teacher relationship. Education is based upon the two important pillars, one a student and other a teacher. A true and sound education can flourish only when the student-teacher relationship is positive, coherent and going in a right direction. It is like a two way traffic through which the destination of Education which is learning and development is achieved. Success of a student is based upon the three important factors---- student’s own hard work and dedication, teacher’s role in imparting education and the parents’ and school’s role to provide the essential financial, emotional and environmental support to their ward. The success of a student can be compared to a triangle of success, in which student, teacher and parents and external environment form the three sides and the student is not merely a side, but the very base of this triangle without which it cannot be formed.

Now, the question may arise that are these factors sufficient enough to make a child successful. The answer to this question is that a student who sets his goals and ambitions, strives hard for them throughout life until and unless he achieves them, dedicates his soul and breath for his success, pays due attention to what his teachers say and always tries to follow them, respects them and give them a divine place in his life, emulates their positive qualities and never argues badly or never shows any sort of arrogance actually paves his way to be a successful being in life. A student has to be an all-rounder and not a book-worm to be successful. He must participate in physical and other co-curricular activates like sports, games, gymnastics, dramatics, debate or any sort of competitions. He has to be always on his toes to accept the challenges and to face them with a lion’s heart. Then only he can be an impressive teacher, a doctor, an I.A.S officer, a good politician or else a scientist and make his nation proud by his excellent contribution towards it.

Mr Vishaldeep
The Mann School

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