Saturday, 12 August 2017


Children are the sons and daughters of life. They have come through us, but not from us. Though they are with us, yet they do not belong to us. We can just give them our love and care, but not our thoughts and dreams. We can house their bodies but not their souls, as their souls are sheltered and veiled by tomorrows. We may strive hard to match their trodden steps, but can never make them like we are, because life walks forward leaving the imprints of the past. We are mere bows from children as living arrows are sent forth but we cannot decide their aim. We can only guide them, raise them, love them, nourish them with values and teach them the essence of life which we have gained from our experiences. We cannot build smooth roads for them, we can only prepare them for the roads. It is the life which determines that what they would be in future.

They are not ours, they do not reflect us in completion. It is life that makes each of them own individuals. Let them make mistakes, realise the experience, use their wisdom, so that they begin thinking about the consequences of the decisions they would take in future. 

They must understand that life would make them stand at a cross road where they have to decide on which of two irrevocable life-choices they would make. 

Let’s make them confident decision makers who bravely shoulder the responsibility of the consequences, and are ready to fight back with their heads held high in adversities.

We are just their parents, facilitators and mentors, but not the master of their destiny.

Ms. Kamini. S. Haldhar

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