Thursday, 26 October 2017


A festival of lights. A festival declaring the arrival of Lord Rama to his kingdom after the defeat of the evil. This was a very simple reason of why we celebrate “Diwali”. But the spirit of Diwali was not in bursting crackers and chanting community slurs, it was to accept that there is hope, after all, Evil cannot keep its reign over good for long.

India today is in a reign of various “Religion-based Political powers” and they are playing with the spirit of not only Diwali they will never back off in politics, just for personal gain to destroy the spirit of any festival be it EID, Eid-ul-Fitr, Holi and Ram Navami just to name a few. They are the people who might say “Why are Hindus asked not to burst crackers in Diwali when Muslims are not asked to stop killing sacred animals of Hindus at EID?”, these questions are not diplomatic these questions are ‘Knives’ that are introduced to cut the fragile thread that holds the tolerance of a particular community.

The reason for these comments getting attention is the fact that people in India take religion as a very sensitive issue and anything related to religion makes them anxious.

We need to understand that the spirit of nationalism can only be brought in practice when you are ready to accept everything that happens in the country, I mean you need to accept other cultures, ideas, and religions and if necessary politely ask them to modify a bit in some aspects that makes a country united and great.

That is the beauty of diversity, it is the art of thinking independently but deciding being one.

So, this Diwali let’s not get caught up by the religious politics and small Ego. Let’s celebrate this Diwali and any other festival with the sense of respect for all sections of the community. Let’s pledge to celebrate a cracker Free Diwali to ‘Save Environment’ for all and the next generation. 

Thank You

Shashank Mishra
Dayanand House

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