Monday, 23 July 2018


Few days ago, I called up a friend. Her husband answered the phone. On asking about my friend, he told me that she is disappointed with me and is not interested in talking to me. He said that she believes I consider myself superior to her.
I was shocked to hear this as it was not easy for me to take. I began introspecting and probing to myself, if I was actually what I am blamed for. I usually stay connected with my pals. Also, I never considered myself superior to any friend ever. 
I was really concerned, so I decided to meet her in personal and ask her to explain me in detail that what led her to believe this way. What she told me really surprised me.  I christened that feeling of hers towards me as ‘Digital Ego’.
She complained that during the last few months, I never "Liked" her posts on Facebook, and Instagram. I never appreciated her efforts of forwarding the posts on "WhatsApp".
All these things made her believe that I had developed a superiority complex. I recalled and realized, I had considerably reduced my presence on social media as I was occupied in accomplishing the tasks assigned to me.
I couldn’t get a clue of this discovery, but add on suddenly brought a ray of smile on my face. I didn’t google it for the apt meaning nor referred to Webster since the word was my baby. Anyways, "Digital Ego", for me, is the Ego influenced by our digital activity using tools like Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc. Isn’t it exciting and worth pondering!!!!
With the introduction of Internet and phones, our reel lives have become sunny, but our real life has lost its shine. Our friends and relatives feel offended if their post or pictures are not liked or commented and perhaps develop more respect for you, if they find you liking or commenting their post.   
I think our society has undergone a tremendous change. We are always over concerned of the speed of INTERNET but have forgotten about INNERNET which is the need of the time. Our real world relationships are being guided by our digital ego. We lack in the signals of Innernet. Let them become strong so that digital ego finds no room in our lives. Perhaps if we don't change, we will lose whatever real world relationships we have. Let me know your thoughts on this subject.


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